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There is something to say about wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s takes courage, confidence and a lot of vulnerability.

In 1977, having left Thailand, our Aunty did the courageous thing. Leading with her heart she muscled up the courage to open her own Thai restaurant in Sydney. As you can imagine, the world was a very different place. Thai food in Australia was almost non-existent. It was a time before foodies, Master Chef and even your local barista.

She knew that Australia had to try Thai food. She knew that Australia was going to be her home. So one meal at time, she set out to win the hearts of her customers.

She wanted to reunite our family in Australia and she did this in the kitchen, with a wok and a hot flame.

She wanted to reunite our family in Australia and she did this in the kitchen, with a wok and a hot flame. Her bold vision was about her legacy, it was about unity, family and perseverance.

Today 40 years on, my brother and I are here, at our own turning point. We know a lot about authentic Thai food and our Auntie’s recipes have a big part in that. We are honouring her values and what she achieved.

Stay true to yourself and feed the world with authenticity and compassion. It’s our commitment, to bring together the best flavours of traditional Thai food and have fun along the way.

Monkey King, is for everyone who takes food seriously, but not themselves. The compassionate and playful amongst us, who share moments with friends and family. So welcome to our kitchen and let us fire up the flame and cook you a meal, to warm your heart

Monkey King


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